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The Boston Butt, a smokery charcuterie and bar, is a first of its kind in Mumbai to serve variety of Southern American fare.

E.T. Panache, 5th September 16

We’re calling first dibs on the glazed ribs at this new charcuterie & bar, where the interpretation of American barbeque is as sharp as a meat cleaver.

Brown Paper Bag, 28th August 16

While the kitchen smokes and roasts meats, seafood, and vegetables, turn your attention to their Prohibition cocktails and signature tipples poured in vintage cut-glass ware. The Curry Scented B*tch (Rs434) is a harsh name for a smooth blend of vodka, cherry brandy, cranberry juice and dates.

The Daily Pao, 12th September 16

Here, unlike other places which use high temperature and charcoal methods, the food is roasted slowly over 12-13 hours over different types of wood such as birch, hickory and apple which lends a great smoky flavour to the food.

Little Black Book

The dishes we especially loved were the Smoked Calamiri Chilli that was fresh, light and spiced just right, and that had a lingering smokey flavour, and the Buffalo-style chicken wings with Gorgonzola dip that tasted even better than it sounds.

Express Foodie, 15th September 16

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